Your Personal Dashboard

Your Personal Dashboard

If you wish to be prolific, brilliant, and healthy over the long term in your career, it’s important to monitor the gauges on your personal dashboard. If you fail to pay attention to the dashboard of your car, it’s very likely that you’ll eventually run out of gas, overheat, speed, or end up with a dead battery. If your “check engine” light is ignored for too long, you will probably break down at an inopportune time, maybe on a busy and dangerous highway.

In a similar way, if you fail to pay attention to your personal dash- board, you risk breaking down. You might be unable to perform at a critical moment because you simply don’t have the resources.

How is your fuel level? If low, how can you fuel yourself ?

And your battery? How is your creative spark? How can you recharge?

Your temperature? Do you need to adjust your mindset toward your peers or team?

Your speed? Moving fast feels efficient in the moment but can cause us to overlook opportunities or make mistakes.

Pay attention to your personal dashboard, and care for your “machine.”

To stay healthy and productive, make sure you monitor all the important gauges.


What is (or should be) on your personal dashboard?

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    1. Kristy, this is an excellent idea. We are working on a Daily Creative app and this would be a good addition for the daily check-in feature! In the interim, I’ll see about creating a worksheet as a stand-in.