What Will You Regret?

What Will You Regret?

If you ask people who are near death what they regret the most, they rarely talk about the aggressive mistakes they made. Rather, they will tell you about the opportunities they didn’t seize, the risks they deferred, or the relationships they chose not to reconcile until it was too late.

It’s inaction that leads to the larger regrets, not action.

Many creative pros take their best work to the grave with them because they didn’t make every effort to put it into the world where it can be of service to others. Instead, they allowed comfort or cowardice to convince them that the risk was too great, the effort too much, the gap too wide to cross. So they lulled themselves into complacency and passed through days until they reached the ends of their lives and all those ideas, that brilliant work, those missed opportunities were buried with them dead in the ground never to be seen by human eyes.

You will never get the chance to accomplish everything you want in this life. I hope that on the day I die, I have more ideas and ambitions than I had the day before. But because we can’t accomplish everything, we convince ourselves that it’s all right to settle in, to ride it out. As a result, the entire world misses out on our contribution.

Refuse to allow the lull of comfort and complacency to rob you of your best work.


What risk have you been avoiding that you need to take today?

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