Sit On Your Idea

We’ve all been there. You have a sudden burst of creative insight, and you think “That’s it! This is clearly the most brilliant idea I’ve ever had!” You share it with someone else, and they stare at you blankly. They don’t understand why you’re so enthusiastic.

Frustrated, you get even more animated, thinking you haven’t explained it clearly enough. And they still stare at you blankly. Then they begin to point out the flaws in your idea. These are things you hadn’t considered in your blind enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm masks flaws. Even obvious ones. That’s why it can be valuable to take some time to sit on your idea, even for a night or a few days, before sharing it with others. This time will allow you to come down from your creative high and see your insight from a more leveled perspective. If it still feels worth championing, then go for it! However, it’s likely that you’ll also gain some perspective that will make it evenmorecompelling.

All this said, make sure you don’t wait so long that you lose energy for the idea. It’s also easy to talk yourself out of an idea if given enough time.

In the moment of creative ecstasy, we sometimes lack perspective. Sit on your idea.


Is there an idea you’re currently very excited about that might benefit from a few days’ perspective?

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