September 7

How You Define Greatness

What does the wordgreatnessmean to you? Think of someone you con- sider great. What qualities do they exhibit? What really makes them great in your mind?

Is it what they’ve accomplished? How others recognize them or what others say about them? The work they leave behind? Some ineffa- ble quality of character or personality?

I believe that how you define greatness will determine a lot about the direction of your life and career. In fact, how you define greatness ultimately defines you, because it determines where you will choose to spend your time, energy, focus, and finite resources.

Have you ever considered what greatness really means? How will you know when you’ve achieved it?

If you don’t take the time to define greatness for yourself, you might spend your entire life chasing vapor or someone else’s idea of what it means.

How you define greatness defines you.


How do you define greatness for yourself and your work, and how will you know you’ve achieved it?

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