September 21


I once read a fascinating article about bamboo. Bamboo takes about three years to get established. During that time, there is little discernible growth that takes place. Then, shoots appear and the bamboo tree can grow as quickly as three feet per day!

Often, the daily practices that we implement, such as study, idea time, strategic leadership conversations, and others, seem like they aren’t giving us the payoff we desire. It seems like it’s all for nothing. However, just like with the bamboo, much of the growth is happening “under- ground.” It’s very likely that one day, we will begin to experience incred- ible results “out of the blue,” when they are really the result of long and steady effort.

Success comes in layers, not all at once. It’s often the result of a lot of small and seemingly insignificant moments, not big and obviously important ones. The growth is happening underground, where no one can see. But that growth ultimately culminates in results that surprise us.

If you’re not seeing the immediate results of your efforts, don’t give up. Keep developing your roots so that you will be able to bear the weight of the successes when they come.

Much of your growth happens underground before anyone else can see the visible results of your efforts.


Where are you tempted to give up because you aren’t yet seeing the results you want?

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