September 20

Seasons for Everything

To everything there is a season. (Did that Byrds song just play in your head?) More specifically, there is a season for planting, for cultivating, for harvesting, and for resting.

Planting is about faith. You put seeds in the ground with no guaran- tee of a return, just the hope that if they are given the right conditions, some of them will grow up and produce an eventual harvest.

When you are cultivating, you care for the vulnerable seedlings, assessing their needs and adapting to ensure that they don’t get squashed by the elements. You must protect and defend them and make sure they are nourished.

Harvest is what we all hope for. It’s when we get to experience the fruits of our labor and finally see what it’s all been for.

Finally, resting is about allowing the ground to recover and become refreshed. Good farmers know that crop rotation is important so that the land doesn’t become depleted. There needs to be a rhythm of rest to ensure a good future harvest.

Many people try to live in perpetual harvest, but that is a recipe for disaster. You must honor all the seasons to be effective.

Where are you planting seeds right now?

Which seedlings are you cultivating?

Where are you experiencing a harvest?

How will you rest so that you aren’t depleted?

Effective creative pros honor the seasonal nature of their work.

To everything there is a season.


Which season are you in right now? How should you adapt your rhythms to reflect it?

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