September 2

We Make Time

“I didn’t have time” is the most common excuse I hear for why important things don’t get done. It’s as if some magical unicorns roam this planet with an extra number of hours to spend while the rest of us have to make do with a mere 168 hours a week. But we all know that everyone we admire and respect has precisely the same amount of time in the day that we do.

If things are important, youmaketime for them.

What we are really saying when we say “I don’t have time,” is “It’s not really that important to me,” or sometimes “I don’t want to deal with the uncertainty of it.” But if an emergency arose, for example if you broke your leg, I guarantee that you’d find the time to deal with it. Everything else would become suddenly less urgent. Where did that time come from? Were you suddenly gifted the time to deal with your medical emergency? No, you prioritized it.

Today, I encourage you to shift your language from “I don’t have time,” to “It’s not important right now.” It’s a small thing and very subtle, but it’s a major mindset shift that is actually more honest and will keep you from making excuses that will eat away at your creative drive.

If something is truly important to us, we make time for it.


Are you really lacking the time to do what you need to do, or are those things just not as much of a priority right now?

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