September 19

Pulled in Two Different Directions

There are a few inevitable tensions that we live in as creative pros. One big one is the time vs. value tension, meaning that although we are expected to work for a certain number of hours each week, we are actually paid for thevaluewe create during that time. This creates an inherently con- tradictory set of expectations—be here always, but be great when needed because that’s why we’re paying you.

However, some creative pros work most effectively when they work in such a way that can’t really be measured by how much time they spend in a particular place. Some need a lot of time to think, while others need to iterate quickly and often to get to a good result. Some will spend hours to get to a great idea, and others will spend ten minutes and generate something remarkable.

Understand that regardless of which approach works best for you, you are paid for the value you create,notfor the time you spend creating it, no matter what your company is measuring. Negotiate for whatever you need to produce that value.

Creative pros are paid for the value they create, not for the time they spend creating it. Do whatever you must do to negotiate for the space to produce your best work.


When and how do you produce your best work? How can you negotiate for more space to do what works best for your cre­ ative process?

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