Phone A Friend

Phone a Friend

One pervasive—and damaging—myth is that creativity is a solo sport. We love to envision the lone creative pro, probably alone in a cabin in the middle of upstate New York, working feverishly at their craft, generating breakthrough after breakthrough in total isolation.

Of course, that’s not reality. Yes, much of the work you must do has to be done alone, but that doesn’t mean that creativity is a solo sport. Rather, we need others in our lives to help us see the full picture of the problem we are solving. Without their perspective and wisdom, we might work much harder and longer than necessary to get to the best result.

Do you invite other people into your work, or do you try to do everything on your own? I challenge you to think strategically about how you might begin to seek the insights of others more consistently. Here are a few questions you might try:

►If you were me, what would you do?

►Is there anything here that stands out to you?

►Have you seen something like this before? What did you do?

►If you were me, what would you watch out for?

All these questions leverage the wisdom of your peers and allow them to speak into your work. You will often find deep inspiration in these conversations.

We need others in order to see the full picture.


Who do you need to invite into your work today?

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