October 6

Unnecessary complexity isn’t just a function of making a problem too complex or creating pointlessly difficult processes that have to be fol- lowed to do the work. Yes, bureaucratic red tape can inhibit creative effectiveness, but sometimes it’s the smaller things that stand in the way of focus and clarity. Scheduling meetings, back-and-forth email volleys, and other activities that require you to spend energy that’s not directly tied to the value you are tasked with creating can zap the drive you need to deliver great work at the right moment.

I am a big believer in automating as much work as possible. With the array of tools at your disposal, there is really no excuse for wasting precious creative time on anything that can be fully automated. Given the amount of uncertainty that must be resolved in the course of the work you do, strive to eliminate as much pointless uncertainty as possible by automating tasks that don’t really require your decision-making prowess. What in your life should be automated so as to free up creative mental cycles?

Automate as much of your process as possible so that you can spend your valuable creative cycles on work that truly matters.


Which elements of your work could be automated to free mental bandwidth?

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