October 23

Your Circle

The legendary myth of the lone creator is powerful. We envision the sol- itary genius sitting in her studio, tinkering with a project, until one day she emerges and unleashes her brilliance on the world. However, this is simply not reflective of how most brilliant work is accomplished. Most of the effective professionals I’ve met have a strong network of peers, friends, and mentors who help them stay aligned and inspired.

One practice that I recommend building into your life is to create a circle. This is a group of people that meets about once a month to ask each other three questions:

1. What are you working on right now?

2. What do you need help problem-solving right now? 3. What’s inspiring you right now?

These three questions yield brilliant conversation and will likely spark new inroads of creative thought. Relationships are a powerful source of creative inspiration and—when approached intentionally—will help you see new opportunities for growth and creative expression that were previously in your blind spot.

Relationships are an important contributor to creative growth. Make certain to carve out time to connect with others who inspire and challenge you.


Who should be in your circle?

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