Novermber 24


I’ve always preferred the termthankfulnessovergratitude. When I express that I am thankful, it means that I’m full of thanks. I’m filled up.

It’s easy to turn your eyes to the next thing—the next project, the next meeting—without pausing to express thankfulness for the good thing that just happened.

Did an idea appear out of nowhere that solved an important problem?

Was a conflict resolved?

Did you read something that helped you understand a topic in a new way?

It’s important to pause in those moments when something good happens and allow yourself to be full of thanks. Reflect on your good fortune, not in a pandering way but in a way that recognizes how very different things could actually be. Mark the moment.

What are you thankful for?


What does it mean to you?

Making the practice of thankfulness a part of your rhythm will open

your mind to new opportunities, new creative possibilities, and new rela- tionships. (People want to be around those who are full of thanks!)

Make the practice of thankfulness a part of your rhythm. Pause to be full of thanks when something good happens in your life or work.


Take a few minutes today to pause and be full of thanks. What do you have to be thankful for?

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