November 4

At the Intersections

Great contributions are often made by those who, rather than just focus- ing on one discipline or craft, work at the intersection of two or three dis- ciplines. Leonardo da Vinci was a brilliant artist not only because of his raw ability to paint or draw but because of his insatiable curiosity about anatomy, botany, and science. It was the confluence of these disciplines that makes his work so resonant. The same can be said of Steve Jobs, who combined technology and art to help create computing devices that were intuitive and useful for businesses, musicians, artists, and students alike. It was at the intersection of these multiple disciplines that real cre- ative value was generated.

At which intersection(s) are you operating? Which disciplines do you uniquely combine to create work that uniquely defines you? Maybe it’s your ability to teach and your attention to detail. Maybe it’s your con- sumer intuition and your design sense. The greatest and most unique value you will offer your organization, your clients, and the world at large will be at the intersection of multiple aptitudes.

The most unique value you will create lies at the intersection of multiple aptitudes.


Which two or three aptitudes intersect to allow you to produce your unique work? How can you leverage them more?

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