November 29


When you hear the wordego, it conjures up images of bombastic man- agers charging into the room, barking orders, and expecting everyone to bend to their every whim. This is certainly one form of ego. But there is a more subtle form of ego that often plays out in organizational life, and it can be equally destructive. It sounds something like this:

“Oh, you don’t like my idea? OK. That’s fine. I’m just going to sit over here in the corner, silent, until you recognize how incredible I am.”

Playing the victim is a form of ego, because it means you are putting your ego ahead of your productive passion. You feel slighted in some way, so you decide that you are going to disengage until you feel that you are being recognized in the way that you deserve.

When you play the victim, you essentially abdicate your contribu- tion. You withdraw from the conversation and forfeit your body of work. The price is high.

Don’t allow your bruised ego to cause you to forfeit your body of work. Refuse to play the victim.


is there any area of your life or creating where you are playing the victim? Are you in any way withholding your contribution because you feel unappreciated?

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