November 11

Reaction vs. Response

Our instincts keep us safe, help us navigate relationships, and help us discern between good and bad ideas.

However, our instincts can also mislead us. It’s possible to react in the moment instead of responding meaningfully and with reasoned wisdom. When we react instead of responding, we make very bad deci- sions that we may have to live with for months or longer afterward.

To react is to operate purely on instinct. To respond is to listen to your instincts but pause and allow wisdom and experience to guide your actions. When we respond rather than reacting, we are far more likely to make wise choices and far less likely to cause ourselves trouble down the line.

Does this ring true to you? Can you think of moments in your life, your work, or your relationships where reaction got you into trouble and a more measured response would have served you better?

When you react, you are operating purely on instinct. Brilliant creative work is forged when instinct is in submission to wisdom and experience.


Where might you be tempted to react rather than respond this week? How can you prevent it?

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