May 5

I used to be a drip coffee guy. Just give me a large mug of whatever generic brand of coffee grounds you just poured hot water through, and I’m good to go. Then few years ago, a friend introduced me to the art of using a French press to brew my coffee. First, you heat the water to a specific temperature. Then, you grind a precise amount of beans and add them to the press. Finally, you very slowly add perfectly heated water and stir, letting it brew for just the right amount of time. Press the grounds, pour, and enjoy. I’ve come to enjoy this morning coffee ritual because I get to slow down just a little before diving into my work. I do a lot of thinking while I’m crafting my morning coffee. It’s meditative.

It can be helpful to build these small, seemingly insignificant crafted moments into your day. Maybe for you it’s preparing your lunch, lighting a few candles, organizing your drawer, or preparing your desk for the next day. Choose an activity or two to approach with craft and care, and it will force you to slow down and be present, both of which will benefit your creative process.

Take time to craft moments in your day. Be purposeful and artistic about the small things.


What small moment can you craft into your day?

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