May 3

Many creative pros have discovered the value of tackling their most important creative projects at the very beginning of the day. Simply making measurable progress on an important creative project before you do anything else does a few things for you:

►You feel productive, regardless of whatever else happens that day, because you’ve conquered moved the important thing forward.

►You relieve the uncertainty of knowing when you’re going to get around to that important work.

►You are giving your best, freshest thinking to an important project.

►You eliminate the possibility that an unexpected priority arises that keeps you from doing that important work, which is almost certain to happen if you push it back to the afternoon.

Now, to be clear, different people do their best work at different times. Understood. However, instilling the discipline of making some kind of progress on your important work at the very beginning of the day can generate momentum that carries through the remainder of your day.

Make a little progress on your most stressful creative problem first, before anything else.


Right now, which project should you be tackling at the very beginning of the day?

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