May 28

What happens in your private world will eventually become public. If your inner world is in disorder, then your team will eventually experi- ence the fruit of that chaos.

There are three primary areas that comprise the inner life of a leader, each of which needs to be ordered:

  1. Philosophy:These are the outer-facing expectations you have of others about how they interact with you and what you expect of them. In some ways, it’s like the user manual for you as a leader.
  2. Principles:These are the internal guidelines that you use to make decisions and lead your team. For you to maintain the trust of the people you work with, they must see you make decisions consis- tently and by principle, not reactively.
  3. Practices:These are the regular activities you engage in that help you stay aligned and energized for your work. Things like study, medi- tation, reviewing your goals and values, and analyzing your areas of responsibility fall under this category.
  4. When all three areas are consistent with one another, they provide a

strong foundation for both creativity and leadership. When one is lack- ing, there will be at some point be public consequences.

The inner life of the leader consists of philosophy, principles, and practices. They must be aligned. Inner chaos will ultimately affect your team and your work.


How are your three Ps? Which do you need to work on?

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