May 24

Some people are driven by a desire to be close to the center of the action. They want to be “in the room where it happens,” so to speak. Their energy comes from being in the spotlight, delivering the key presenta- tion, or speaking on behalf of the team.

When they aren’t recognized for their contribution or they aren’t able to be at the center, they experience frustration or even embarrass- ment. In fact, they may even wish that they weren’t driven in this way, because it feels selfish or arrogant to want to be at the forefront or to be the person in the spotlight.

However, all motivations are a gift! We need people who are driven to be central. We need them to share our ideas, champion our causes, entertain and educate us. So, if this is how you are motivated, take heart! Your motivation is a gift. Don’t bury it. And if you are sometimes frus- trated by someone who seems to be motivated in this way, it’s fine to have a conversation with them about how to appropriately leverage it and how to temper it when necessary.

It’s OK to want to be at the center of attention, assuming your intentions are right.


Have you ever felt embarrassed by your drive to be at the center of the action? Why?

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