May 22

Think back to a time when someone gave you a word of encouragement that lit your fire. What did they say? Why did it matter to you? How did it change your perspective or energy?

Isn’t it strange how one comment at the right time can stick with you for years? One person speaking directly about who you are or praising something you’ve accomplished can be a vector changer for your day, your week, or even your career. The funny thing is, that person may not even know how their words affected you. To them, it may have been an offhand comment at an opportune moment, but to you, it meant everything.

To encourage means to “put courage into,” which is precisely what you’re doing. You are putting another log on their fire. You will likely move on, but their world might be changed.

Who have you seen do something extraordinary in the past week? Maybe others didn’t even notice, but you know what it took for them to do it.

Who is acting bravely right now but may think no one sees them?

Who does the little things that hold everything together, even when no one is looking?

Who has had a series of losses and just needs someone to remind them of who they are and what they’re capable of ?

When you encourage, you put courage into the world. And it will likely come right back to you.

Take a moment to encourage someone else. It may change their life and yours.


Who can you encourage today?

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