May 2

What’s something that you believe that few people around you do? It’s likely that—if you’ve ever had a conversation about whatever that thing is—it’s ruffled some feathers. When conventional thinking is challenged it sometimes feels to others like a personal indictment. Survival is often achieved through consensus, and when you challenge the sentiments of your community, you risk being cast out to the fringes.

But—and this is a big but—those who advance our understanding of the world, build products that transform society, and create art that resonates deeply are typically those who challenge deeply entrenched conventions.

“Films are best in black and white. Who needs color?”

“No one wants to buy British rock and roll!”

“It’s impossible to put a computer on every desk. Who would even

want one?”

In retrospect, every breakthrough seems inevitable. However, in the

moment, it was only possible because someone challenged conventional thinking. They believed something that few others did and were brave enough to share their point of view, sometimes at great personal cost.

What convention are you convicted to challenge? What entrenched belief is worth fighting? What is the thing you believe that you can’t shake and that others think you’re crazy for believing?

That could be the start of your most important work. Brave people who challenge conventional thinking sometimes change the world.

Big creative breakthroughs often happen when you challenge an entrenched belief.


What convention do you need to challenge?

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