May 18

One of my favorite books isOrbiting the Giant Hairball, written by Gordon MacKenzie, who was a long-time creative leader at Hallmark. The shortest chapter in the book—and probably the shortest chapter I’ve ever read—simply says this:

“Orville Wright did not have a pilot’s license.”

That’s it. That’s the whole chapter. But I remember it to this day because it’s so punchy and relevant. How often do we wait for others to certify, ordain, or otherwise bless our ideas before we’re willing to take a first step toward putting them into the world? Had the Wright broth- ers waited for official permission to attempt powered flight, who knows when we would have escaped the confines of gravity and taken to the sky.

How about you? Is there any place where you are waiting for some- one else to tap you on the shoulder and give you their blessing? Are you seeking official approval that your idea is worthy of your attention?

Yes, there are moments when it’s wise to go through the proper channels. (I’m grateful my doctor isn’t just winging it but has a medical degree!) However, we often excuse inaction by blaming it on the lack of official consent. Don’t wait for your pilot’s license, unless of course you areactuallytrying to become a pilot, in which case…please do.

Don’t wait for permission to act on your idea. No one is going to give you a license to be creative.


Where are you waiting for someone else to ordain your idea or give you a license to act?

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