May 16

The tendency in many organizations is to ride the momentum when the market is good, squeezing every ounce of opportunity, then when things slow down, to rest until the opportunity returns. However, I believe this is a waste of opportunity. Those slower moments, which cycle through predictably every so often, are ideal seasons in which to focus on build- ing. They are the perfect moments in which to do spec work, prototype, experiment, and invest in whatever might be your next thing.

Innovation happens in the “white space,” the gaps between your frantic work. These are the moments when you can reflect, iterate, and take small strategic risks because the pressure is (generally) off. You can’t always do this when you’re busy, because every moment away from your work is a wasted opportunity to generate revenue.

Take some time today to consider projects you might want to experiment with the next time you have some “white space.” What do you envision? What would you love to build but simply don’t have the time or space to at the moment? What spec work might you want to experiment with that could eventually become something you pitch to an actual client?

Take advantage of the spaces in between. Build when things slow down so that you can take advantage of that momentum when things pick back up.

When things slow down, build.


What project should you begin the next time you experience a bit of white space?

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