March 4

When you create on demand, it’s easy to fall into ruts. You are confined by budget, time, client expectations, past work, collaborative relationships, and more. Thus, you only entertain ideas that you know will be well-received because you simply don’t have the time or resources to pursue ideas or projects that might squander your finite resources.

One method to bust out of those ruts is to occasionally engage in spec work for clients, whether real or imaginary. Choose a client, and do a complete reinvention of their product line. Do a total rebrand for them. Imagine what a new organizational structure might look like. Develop a killer product that they might never pursue on their own but that you believe would change their industry.

The incredible aspect of doing this spec work? You don’t have to share it with anyone! It’s just for you. You can speculate all you want with none of the risk. It’s all about imagining a better possible future.

But—and this is key—this spec work will often result in ideas and new paths of innovation that you didn’t previously entertain, because you are no longer bound by those limiting constraints.

Creating spec work is a great way to spark fresh, innovative thought.

What kind of spec work could you engage in this week as a way to spark new, innovative thought?

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