March 31

Ideas are weighty and complex things. You crave new ones, but you also don’t want them because with every new idea comes accountability.

Accountability to act.

Accountability to share.

Accountability to take a risk.

Accountability to put something in motion that could fail.

Sometimes we don’t want a new idea because we don’t want the accountability that comes with it. We mightsaythat we do, but our actions prove otherwise.

We procrastinate when we know that we need to be thinking. In fact, we avoid thinking because we worry about where all of that thinking might lead.

We fail to finish a project that we were previously excited about, not because we aren’t capable but because we are afraid to discover whether the project will succeed or flop.

Ideas are two-edged swords, because they come with both opportunity and responsibility.

The opportunity to make something, share something, invent something, collaborate on something, change something that will impact others. That’s remarkable.

The responsibility is that you now have to shepherd the idea.

To have an idea is a brave thing.

To have an idea means you are given both an opportunity and a responsibility.

It sounds strange, but is there an idea you are avoiding? Let’s face it and look at the opportunity it holds.

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