March 14

A friend of mine was once on a trip, trying to secure the business of a large company. The CEO of the company picked him up at the airport and asked if they could stop at the grocery store on the way back to the office. While at the store, the CEO put two small items in the cart, checked out, walked back to the car, and asked my friend if he’d mind taking care of the cart. My friend pushed the cart all the way across the parking lot to the cart corral, and when he walked back to the car, the CEO was standing with his hand extended. “Congrats. You’ve got the business.” Turns out my friend’s competitor was in town the day before, and when asked to take care of the cart, he just pushed it between two cars instead of returning it. The CEO said that if my friend did the right but uncomfortable thing in this situation, he was likely to do it when things really matter.

Don’t underestimate the power of small, seemingly insignificant acts. They signal to everyone around you that you are a trustworthy collaborator.

Do the little things consistently and well, and you will earn the trust of your team.

What small act of service can you do today for those you work with?

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