March 11

Often, there are clues all around that point to the answers we’re seeking. In my book Louder Than Words, I called these “the notables.” These are moments in your life when you experience something, do something, or are confronted with something that sparks an unexpected response. For example, maybe you experienced some kind of injustice for the first time and felt a strong need to handle it. Maybe you did work that unexpectedly gratified you and caused you to come alive in ways you didn’t expect. We sometimes experience these moments, then quickly gloss over them and move on because we’re busy or there are any number of other priorities that we need to get to. However, it’s often by paying close attention to the patterns in these notable moments that we see the tracings of the work that’s being called out of us by the world around us.

What makes you compassionately angry? What makes you think “Ugh! Someone needs to do something about that!” Yes, and that someone is probably you.

What moves you emotionally? Is there any specific kind of situation that brings you to tears every time?

What do you believe that few others around you do? What’s the hope that keeps you going?

These are great questions to help you begin to identify your unique response to the world, which will then play out in your work and leadership.

Look for patterns in your world and your work that illuminate your unique calling.

What patterns do you find in your notable moments?

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