June 5

There were several key moments in my career when I needed a clear next direction. In fact, this has happened in the wake of the release of every one of my books, when I’m very busy talking about my past work but uncertain about what my next thing should be. In those moments, I declare a “creative day.”

I get up in the morning, have my coffee and breakfast, then drive downtown in my city and walk along the river. Then I walk through the city, visit bookstores, pay attention to the stimuli around me, cross the river and walk through the neighborhoods on the other side, and some- times even see a movie if the mood strikes me. All along the way, I take notes, listen for patterns, and see what the world offers in the way of inspiration.

Here’s the thing: every single time I do this, I come away with a strong sense of what to do next. Simply breaking away from the email, the daily grind, and the pressure to produce and allowing myself to meander, think freely, and wander the world gives me fresh perspective and enthusiasm for my work. I come home from those creative days tired but refreshed at the same time.

When it’s time for a bold move, declare a creative day.


When might you schedule a creative day in your life?

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