June 25

In my bookDie Empty, I shared an old anecdote that has resonated with me since I was young. A man wanted to learn to play guitar his entire life, and now at almost age fifty, he was afraid that it might be too late. His friend encouraged him to take lessons.

“Nah,” he replies. “It’ll take five years to really learn. By the time I’m any good, I’ll be almost fifty-five years old!”

His friend paused, then softly asked, “Tell me, how old will you be in five years if you don’t learn how to play guitar?”

So many people give up on their passions, their curiosities, their hunches because they believe they’re too late to the game, they’re too old, or that they missed their window of opportunity. I was hesitant to start a podcast in 2005 because I thought I was too late to the podcasting space. Can you imagine? Seventeen years, tens of millions of downloads, and six books later, I’m glad I didn’t listen to that naysaying voice.

It’s not too late for you. Wherever you are, whatever your situation, you can begin now. Learn the craft. Have the conversation. Start the thing. Take the risk. Plant your flag. The time is now.

As the old saying goes, the best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago. The next best time is right now.

It’s never too late to begin. Start today.


What have you wanted to start or do but felt like it was too late? What do you need to start?

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