June 15

The phrase “change the world” is often in the mission statements of orga- nizations I work with. There’s nothing wrong with the desire to bring positive change to the world, but it’s important to note that very few people have created large, systemic, lasting change in the world. Even some of the more famous and influential people in the history of any par- ticular country—while certainly impactful—came nowhere near chang- ing the world in the grand sense. However, they each made a significant dent in their own corner of the world.

That’s all we can do. Very, very few people are truly capable of changing the world. However, every single person is capable of chang- ing the world around them. All macro change begins with micro effort. Be the leader that other people need you to be. Bring enthusiasm and courage to your work. Make life easier for the people you collaborate with. Dwell in possibility and challenge others to be the best version of themselves each day. Refuse to settle for mediocrity, and run alongside others who are struggling.

Many people become paralyzed by the size of the macro problem and simply give up. Instead, focus on the micro problems around you and pursue them with full vigor. Don’t try to change the world; just focus on changing the world around you.

Very few people are called to change the world. Everyone is called to change the world around them.


What change do you want to see in the world around you? How can you contribute to that effort today?

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