June 14

When I was younger, I was easily embarrassed when I had an idea that I didn’t consider “cool.” It was as if there was an inner critic poking holes at my internal dialogue and shaming me for not being as good as I thought I should be. This resulted in a lot of unnecessary self-editing. While we may decry the overreach of theactualeditors in our lives or workplaces, our internal, self-editors can be even more brutal.

We don’t share an idea in a meeting because our editor nixes it before we have the chance.

We don’t explore a slightly fringe idea because we’re afraid we don’t have time to bring it back into the realm of possibility before the deadline. We keep a concept to ourselves because we’re afraid it will look “too

obvious” to everyone else, and we’ll be laughed at.

This kind of self-editing early in the creative process can stifle your

energy for the work and cause you to underperform. Instead, allow your- self the freedom to think, write, speak, and develop any idea that gives you energy, knowing that there will always be time for editing later.

Be free now, and edit later.

Don’t self-edit too soon in your process. Allow ideas that make you uncomfortable.


Do you tend to self­edit? How does it affect you?

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