June 1

Some of the career decisions you make may turn out to be happy acci- dents, but some may later feel like mistakes. It’s understandable in those moments when things feel desperate or you feel trapped to begin to think you may have made a mess of things.

And maybe you have. We all do at times. But wherever you are and whatever your circumstances, you can navigate to where you want to be from here. It might take more time than it would take someone else who didn’t make your same choices, but it can be done. It will take sacrifice— maybe a lot of it. It will require you to make some difficult decisions. But you can get there. You can.

The worst thing to do is allow yourself to become overwhelmed to the point of inaction. To accept your status as “trapped” and fail to develop a plan for moving forward. In a crisis, those who freeze from fear are often the ones who end up being harmed, hence the phrase you often hear in emergency situations: “Keep moving!” When you’re moving, you can redirect. When you’re standing still, you have no momentum.

Keep moving and keep your destination in mind. Youcanget there from here.


Do you ever feel overwhelmed or trapped by your circum­ stances? Where are you moving toward?

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