July 5

Because creative work is subjective and often very personal, it’s easy to forget that your work is not for you but for others. The point is, in some way, to help others achieve their ambitions and find fulfillment. Your perspective is valuable only in as much as it helps others along their own journey. You arenotthe hero of the story; they are.

What does your intended audience desire? What are their hopes? What do they dream about? What are the obstacles in the way? What do you know that they don’t yet see but that could help them surmount those obstacles and achieve their goals?

You should spend as much time thinking about the ambitions of your intended audience as you do actually creating for them. Place them at the center of the story where they belong. Enter into that story with them and they will feel an intimate connection to your work. You will be their ally. Their guide.

The essence of empathy is the ability to enter into the lived experi- ence of another person. Spend time today placing your intended audi- ence at the very center of your thoughts. Dream like they dream. Make them the hero.

Your best work results from making others the hero.


How can you make your intended audience the hero of the story today? Spend some time entering into their story.

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