July 30

One reason we get stuck looking for a creative breakthrough is that our minds need more clarity about what—precisely—we are trying to do. When something is too familiar, we tend to make assumptions or develop shortcuts to get us where we know we are headed. However, those short- cuts and assumptions can limit where we look for new and fresh ideas.

When you feel stuck, step back and ask yourself, “What am Ireallytrying to do here?”

Answer in as few words as possible. Be precise. Speak in concrete terms and specifics. Get to the real heart of the problem. (It’s possible that it’s changed since you began the project!)

The better you get at identifying the core problem, the more effec- tive you will be at generating ideas.

When you’re stuck, give the problem a better definition.


is there a problem you’re stuck on right now? How might you redefine it?

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