July 23

When You’re Stuck

It’s bound to happen sooner or later. No matter how skilled you are and no matter how well you’ve prepared, you’re inevitably going to find your- self stuck on a tough problem without a clear path forward.

Choose a project you’re stuck on, and ask these questions:

►Is an assumption in the way?

►What is the worst-case scenario?

►Could I do the opposite?

►How can I thrill the end user?

►What am I afraid of ?

►Do I understand why?

►Where else has something similar been done?

►What is expected and why?

►Who is the enemy, and how do we foil them?

►Who could solve this problem with ease and how?

►How would my favorite movie character do it?

►Could I change the medium?

►Could I ask the question differently?

►How would a third grader approach this problem?

►Is there a resource I’m lacking?

►Who can I call for help?

►Can I create a metaphor for the problem?

►How would I start over?

►What’s the primary block and why?

Refuse to remain stuck. Ask new questions to spark new insights.


Is there an assumption you’re making that needs to be chal­ lenged? How can you unblock yourself?

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