January 9

Some professionals pride themselves in the ability to deliver under pressure. They can work for hours nonstop and are always the first to step up and take on any challenge that comes their way. Their output is unparalleled. However, if they don’t mind their inputs, they will soon find not only that their output wanes, but they may do significant damage in all areas of their lives and work. If you put the wrong kind of fuel in a car, the engine will stop working.

How are your inputs? Here are a few that you should pause and evaluate:

Creative/inspirational: Are you filling your mind with inspiring stimulus that sparks your curiosity and helps you ask new questions? Are you putting new “dots” in your head to connect?

Emotional: Are you connecting with other people in a deep, meaningful way? Are others filling your well, or are you only filling theirs? Are you ever receiving, or are you always giving?

Aspirational: Are there mentors in your life who challenge you to see new possibilities for yourself? Who pushes you to expand your thinking and fills you with a fresh vision?

Be mindful of your inputs. If you’re not, your creative engine will eventually break down.

Without a steady source of inputs, you cannot sustain creative output.


Which inputs do you need to adjust so that you aren’t running on empty?

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