January 21

Admit it—at some point, you’ve probably fantasized about leaving a job. You may have even imagined what it would be like to walk into your manager’s office, say a few choice words, quit, and slam the door on your way out.

When things are difficult at work, it is tempting to imagine that there is a perfect situation out there somewhere that will match up to your desires. You may even gravitate toward the first ray of light that appears ever so faintly on the horizon or be willing to follow even vague encour- agement from your friends to just quit and move on.

And often, that would be a huge mistake.

Many people spend their careers runningawayfrom discomfort and frustration. They bounce from job to job in search of the perfect situa- tion. When they find it, they settle in only to learn that it wasn’t quite so perfect after all. Then they move on once more.

These people are running away from something. It’s far better to runtowardsomething. Don’t aim to alleviate discomfort and frustration; aim to pursue what you truly value. Move in the direction of what’s being called out of you, not away from something that frustrates you.

Move toward your ambitions, not away from your frustrations.


Are you moving toward something right now, or are you seek­ ing to run away from something?

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