January 19

We live in a world where it’s not only OK to have an opinion about everything, we are almost expected to share that opinion publicly. I often tell creative pros and leaders I work with that it’s fine to have an opinion about something, but there is no need to feel as if you must have an opin- ion about everything happening everywhere at all times. And it’s espe- cially OK to keep your opinion to yourself. (What a concept!)

However, if youdohave an opinion about something and feel the need to share, rather than simply blasting it out over social media, make something. Make a piece of art, write an essay, craft a song, hold an event, or do something that creatively expresses your idea. Opinions are cheap, but art is precious.

As you consider the events in the world that move you right now, what could you create that expresses your thoughts and feelings? How could you use art as a way to help you not only share your ideas but also invite others to consider your point of view?

Don’t complain about what’s wrong with the world. Make something.


is there an idea you have or an opinion that is stirring within you that could be expressed through art of some kind?

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