February 4

“I just have so much work that I don’t know how to manage it all!”

“My friends expect me to be at so many commitments, and I don’t have the time for all of them.”

“All the new clients I’m managing have such high expectations, and I’m worried I’m going to drop the ball.”

It’s natural to feel stressed and a bit overwhelmed when you are in a season of opportunity. Work is stressful, and expectations rarely go down. However, it’s important to protect your mindset from the negative downward spiral that stress can cause and that limits your creative thinking and leadership capacity.

During an especially stressful season a few years ago, our family adopted a new mantra: “Don’t let your blessings become burdens.” We still say this to one another all the time. It’s a reminder that with opportunity come responsibility and stress but that there are many people in the world (or in your company or industry) who would love just to have those opportunities! Carrying the blessings around like burdens can limit your perspective and cause you to become inwardly focused rather than possibility focused. This limits your creativity.

Yes, work can be stressful and seasons of abundance can require everything you have to hold things together.

Youshould always be careful not to allow your blessings to become burdens.

Is there any place where you are allowing your blessings to become burdens?

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