February 3

You cannot allow life to just happen to you. You must live it. However, when work and obligations feel overwhelming, you can feel like you’re just being carried along by a momentum beyond your ability to influence.

Here is a series of questions that can help you identify your current state and potential order-bringing next steps.

Is my outer world in order? (Are my projects and surroundings ordered or in chaos?)

Do I have a clear grasp of what’s required of me today?

Are there any tasks that must be completed today, and how can I ensure that?

Is anyone expecting something of me that I haven’t delivered?

Are my relationships in order? Are there any open loops that need to be closed?

How do I feel today? Do I know why?

Are my thoughts in order, or do they feel chaotic? How can I find stillness?

How can I care for myself emotionally today?

How does my body feel? How can I care for myself physically today?

I know this is a lot to process, but simply keeping this checklist in front of you and reviewing it consistently can help you find an island of calm in the midst of the storm of life and work.

Don’t just move through your life. Manage it.

Plan some time to review the checklist. Are there any responses that require action?

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