February 29 (bonus)

Every brilliant act of creativity involves an intuitive leap.

It’s always a risk. If it wasn’t risky, everyone would do it.

It’s always hard. It nearly always feels like you are gambling with your identity. It always involves the potential for failure.

And it’s the only path of progress. Without historical intuitive leaps, we would still be scrambling to find food every day and sleeping with one eye open out in the elements.

There is likely an intuitive leap that you know you need to take. Fortunately, today is Leap Day. It’s the perfect time for you to move. Follow your intuition.

What idea do you need to pursue, immediately?

What project do you need to make progress on, immediately?

What relationship do you need to move forward (or end), immediately?

How do you need to be aggressive today?

Today is leap day. Mark it by making an intuitive leap.

What intuitive leap do you need to take today?

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