February 28

There are more tools for organizing your tasks than at any point in human history. If you’re like most people, you likely have a to-do list a mile long, and it may even grow longer every day in spite of everything you’ve checked off! We are good at getting things done, but what we struggle with isnotgetting things done.

Let me explain. There are any number of priorities that you could focus on each day, but you must become skilled at defining what you shouldnotfocus on. You have a finite amount of time and energy, so each time you expend any of it, you are choosing not to spend it elsewhere, whether to your benefit or detriment.

One effective way to monitor priorities is to keep a “not to do” list. This is a list of tasks and projects that you are choosing not to focus any of your finite resources on during this particular season so that you might reserve them for what really matters. Items on this list could be projects with plenty of runway, administrative tasks that distract you from the more important creative work you need to do, or even time sinkholes like social media and entertainment.

Craft a “not to do” list, and use it to help you sharpen your focus.

What should be on your “not to do” list?

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