February 25

We often become overly ambitious when thinking about the short term but don’t think big enough when it comes to the long term. We categorize our ambitions in quarters and years, not decades and generations.

Do you have a vision of what your life will be like in ten years? It won’t be crystal clear, of course, but is there any hazy sense of what your life, your work, your portfolio of passions will be in a decade? Here are afew questions to consider:

How will you have grown and changed?

What will you have produced, and how will it have impacted people?

Who will be in your life?

What value will you be adding to your neighborhood, your organization, your family?

What will you be most proud of having experienced or accomplished?

This is not a comprehensive list, but if you are able to answer these questions, you can see the rough outlines of a vision forming. And once you have a vision, you can begin bending your life toward it each day over time until you begin to see it taking form.

Effective creative pros bend their lives toward long-range goals.

What is your vision for what your life will be like in a decade?

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