February 14

You will become known for the work you produce. That’s inevitable, because the work is the tangible representation of your effort. However, the process that produces that end result is far more substantial, consuming, and significant to your life than the end results that others see.

If you fall in love solely with the end results, and especially the recognition of your work, you will do whatever it takes to achieve recognition. You will work as a means to an end, and before long, the results will begin to reflect your priorities.

However, if you strive to fall in love with the process, you will—in the end—produce better results, because you will expend more discretionary energy in the course of your work.

In other words, when you fall in love with the process, your work is self-fueling. Every step of the way will renew you, creatively and otherwise.

By making this simple shift, your reward will be a lifetime of deep engagement and fruitful effort. And you will also likely produce better results.

Strive to fall in love with the process, not just the end results.

What do you love about the process of your work?

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