December 28

Taking time to prepare for the upcoming year will help you get off to a more productive, structured start.

Every great achievement of humankind began in someone’s mind. They conceived of it, then brought it into the world. You will change over the coming year – that’s for certain. The question is, will you change in the way you intend or desire?

If you want to grow toward your vision of the creative professional and human being that you desire to be, you must first have a clear vision of who that person is. You must be specific.

Here are a few questions I encourage you to ask over the coming week. Spend some time writing and reflecting upon them. Don’t just settle for the first answer. Prove deeply.

1. How do I want to be different this time next year? What changes do I want to see in myself bother professionally and personally?

2. What do I want to experience this year? What places will I go, what environments will I experience, what will I do and who will I do it with?

3. What will I do to stretch my mind this year? What will I read, study, watch, absorb? What topics will I pursue?

4. How will I serve others this year? How will I get outside of myself and help others pursue their dreams?

Spend some time with these questions this week. They will help you fix a vision of the person you want to become.

Question: Answer the four questions. What stands out the most to you?

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