December 25

Your creativity is a gift, but it’s not for you. It’s a gift that’s given through you, to others. Your job is to be a good steward of the gift, to develop it, and to use it to be a blessing to those who experience it. It doesn’t matter if you are developing commercials, writing marketing strategy, making music or paintings, or building a business, your creativity is a gift to be enjoyed by those who experience it. Do you see it that way?

What are the qualities of a good gift?

It’s thoughtful. The person who gives the gift had you in mind when they made it. Are you thinking about the people for whom you are making your work? Are you considering how the work will be a gift to them?

It’s timely. There’s no use giving a gift after it’s no longer useful. Are you considering how your creativity can be given to others in a way that meets them where they are?

It’s simple. Sometimes, complex gifts don’t feel like a gift at all. They feel like a burden. How can you simplify your work for others?

Your creativity is a gift, but it’s not for you. It’s for others who will be blessed by your work.

Question: How can you use your creativity to be a gift to others today?

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