December 22

This is a pervasive and sinister belief that has – at times – caused me to compromise more than I should. When I aspire to comfort as the greatest goal of life, I refuse anything that might cause me pain or hardship, even if that means I have to abandon my pursuit of true north.

It is struggle that gives life its meaning, and the pauses and blessings that punctuate its landscape. Sometimes that struggle is against self and the laziness that craves only comfort. The creative process is a personal assault on the beachhead of apathy, and to succumb to the path of comfort is to turn our backs on the greatness that is on the other side of sacrifice. I refuse to allow comfort to be my ambition. Comfort is often the enemy of greatness.

When you succumb to comfort as your ethic, you will compromise whatever you have to in order to preserve it, and this means not taking creative risks, or even sacrificing meaning and purpose in your life.

Here’s my challenge: Where in your life are you falling prey to “comfort worship”?

The love of comfort is often the enemy of greatness.

Question: Is there any place in your life or work where you value comfort over creativity, or comfort over effectiveness?

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