December 15

I used to think that being nervous about launching something new was a sign of weakness or a lack of confidence in one’s ability. Now, I realize that it’s actually a big part of doing things you deem worthwhile.

Nerves are a sign that you care about your work. If you never get nervous about what you’re putting out into the world, it could mean that you don’t think your work is important enough to fret over. If you value the work you do, then you should on occasion feel a little nervous about whether or not it will hit the mark and create the value you intended.

Nerves are a sign that you know you can still improve. If you never get nervous, it means that you believe yourself to be at the very top of your game and there is no room for improvement. One of the reasons I get nervous when I launch something is that I know there is always something more I could have done to tweak it and make it better, but perfect is the enemy of great.

Nerves are a sign that you respect your audience. If you respect the people you are serving, you will feel a little nervous about whether your work will truly hit the mark for them. I greatly respect the people I have the honor of creating for and working with, and I want to ensure that I deliver something that’s worthy of them.

Don’t mistake nervousness for weakness. It means you care deeply about your work.

Question: Are you nervous about any of your work? Why? What does it mean?

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