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Talent will only get you so far. It's your daily practices that sustain you.

Daily Creative is your daily shot of challenge, encouragement, and community to help you thrive as a creative pro. 

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Spark creative thinking day in and day out.

More of us make a living with our minds than ever before. We solve problems, design, write, invent, pitch, or, in other words, create. But the pressure to continually create and solve problems can cause stress and build reactive habits that ultimately stifle creative thinking and the ever-crucial problem-solving skills we need to move forward.

Enter Daily Creative. From bestselling author Todd Henry, these 365 exercises and insights for busy professionals, creative and otherwise, are designed to help gain powerful focus each and every day. Each daily reading can be completed in five minutes and includes:

• A specific theme to break you out of your current mindsets

• A challenge to reflect and apply a new habit-building principle

• A key action as a takeaway to yield lasting results

Releasing September 6th

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