August 31

Crafting Accidents

If you wish to be brilliant at a moment’s notice, you must begin far upstream from the moment you need a brilliant idea. I call this process crafting “dangerous intersections” where “creative accidents” are likely to occur. (See my bookThe Accidental Creative.)

►Block regular, disciplined time to absorb a wide range of stim- ulus related to your field, Also, ensure that you are regularly absorbing stimulus that stokes your creative wonder.

►Don’t just pay attention to the work in your industry but spend time asking why those particular decisions were made. What are the deeper themes within the work? How can you improve upon them?

►What assumptions are others making in their work? How can those be challenged?

►What assumptions might you be making in your work? How can those be challenged?

Consistently care time in your schedule to think not just about thework, but about how you areapproachingthe work. Fill your mind with valuable stimulus. Do thought experiments. Challenge assumptions. You increase your chances of experiencing creative accidents.

To experience breakthroughs when they matter most, place yourself at “dangerous intersections” where ideas are likely to collide.


How can you be more intentional about your creative process today? This week?

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